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The Home of Homeschool Freedom!

Welcome to Excellence In Education, the home of homeschool freedom.  We are the original and largest homeschool resource center in the West Coast that is all inclusive in what options we offer. EiE was established in 1991 after we successfully homeschooled our two daughters. As you navigate this site you will find that we have many options including park day, classes, seminars, private satellite program, bookstore, on-line catalog and many other.  Please take time to familiarize yourself with our options and services.  We look forward to meeting and working with your family.

Proudly serving the homeschool community for over 25 years!

We are here for you!

EIE is open during this Corona Event Monday through Friday 11:00 – 5:00 to serve our EIE Family and the entire homeschool community.  We are open now during Spring Break.

Services Available include:

  • New enrollments
  • Answer questions (especially for families being forced to teach at home.
  • Counseling (Both in office, phone and Zoom)
  • End of Year Reports
  • Renewals for 2020-21 school year.
  • Complete line of new and used homeschool materials
  • Learning Style Assessments
  • And much more…….

Give us a call at (626) 821-0025 or drop by the Resource Center


The Fall Session has started and EIE has a full week of great opportunities for your student to participate in classes.  Yes, they are online, but our teachers are very excited to offer the best presentations possible.  This reality is due to decisions by government officials at the state and county level as well as the charters. While EIE is on record advocating in-person classes we are basically online for the time.  The minute the government and charters relaxe these restrictions we will make a quick tansition to in-person classes.

We encourage you to support your students and our teachers by participating in classes.


After a long period of very limited field trips we are back to booking more for the upcoming Fall season. 

Our wonderful field trip coordinator, Elizabeth Phinder, is working very hard to find more exciting adventures and field trips.

Check out our September and October Field Trip months for some exciting new events.  


Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of using regular playing cards to teach young children Number Concepts , Addition and Subtraction. We use three different games to accomplish these goals. Simple, inexpensive, fun and efficient. Presented by Excellence In Education and the Game Curriculum narrated by Carolyn Forte.

Click on image on the right to see video.

Homeschool 101

A complete video presentation by a homeschool pioneer with 35 years experience in the modern homeschool movement who successfully homeschooled his two daughters. This video will cover all of the questions new homeschool parents often ask. During this period of the Corona Virus many families are withdrawing from the public schools and considering homeschooling as a viable option. After watching this video you will be fully informed allowing you to make a proper decision based on knowledge. You will feel empowered to start your homeschool journey with a sense of “I can do this!”

Click on image to the left to view the video.

Did you know that it takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain to memorize or learn something.

With games and play, this can be accomplished in 10 and 25 repetitions!

Spend about 30 minutes with Carolyn Forte (the creator of the Game Curriculum) as she explains the value and benefits of using games and play in making your homeschool experience even better and more fun.

Click on image to the right to see video!


Game Curriculum


We are excited to  present our 2020 – 21 class schedule.  We hope you enjoy the classes for next year.  You will find some unique and exciting offerings not offered anywhere else in the region.

Leo says:

“All of our classes are currently running and will do so throughout the summer.  I guarantee that your kids will have a fantastic time as they learn a new skill.

Creative Kids Acting 

On going on-line classes

Discover the sweetness in your child’s life by being part of an online acting course.  These classes are designed for the TWEEN – TEEN kids in your family.

These are the same classes that have been enjoyed by EIE students for several years now.  We highly recommend these classes as a fun and educational option for your family.

Check out the website below or email Chris for more information.  Mention EIE!


Chris says:

We are excited to offer these great online courses to EIE families.  During this time of in home confinement these classes will bring happiness as well as educational benefits.


Check out our newest website:

A place to address homeschool issues.

Read All About Us

Are you new to homeschooling and wondering what curriculum to use?

Are you an experienced homeschooler but wondering if your current curriculum is the best for your family?

If so, please contact EIE at (626) 821-0025 and explore our

Curriculum Counseling Services!

Check out our new Tutorial Section. Video seminars on important subjects.


Customer Reviews

Michelle Ricalde
I went to this store yesterday and was blown away!! A homeschooling parents dream come true! Not only do they have an awesome selection of books, games, and curriculum, but the owner is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I can not wait to go back!!
Eli Valencia (Facebook post 10-13-16)
 Excellent people there willing to help in all we need for homescholl our kids. Its a great place to go to. I just went there and they treated me like if they knew me for a long time. Great environment.
Melinda Sellers (2-20-17 Facebook post)

EIE offers many services and resources. 1. They have a terrific bookstore/shop. 2. Can enroll your student as a private homeschool student with them, or the option to do you own program. (We were our own private school, R4). 3. There are classes taught by fantastic and well qualified instructors if one so chooses. EIE is a most wonderful well rounded homeschooling program for all ages. Weather a little hand holding is needed, or a lot. If I had any sort of question about homeschooling, they knew it and kindly supported. The book store was terrific resource for us, and my students enjoyed a number of classes to take a wee burden off of me. For example, subjects that aren’t my strength like Latin, and I didn’t want chemistry projects all over my kitchen table. It was nice for them to partake in a class or instructor that offered a different view point or approach, which is always enlightening. Plus, fun and enriching subjects such as art, music classes, and etc. are offered. They can also guide home school legalities if a family needs some hand holding in that regard as well. Highly recommend. We enjoyed EIE off and on from ages 6 to 16. My students are at university and doing great. As the expression goes, “it takes a village to rise a child,” I’m very grateful to have been apart of this village.

Fantastic Physical Education Opportunity

Get Fit

With Johnny Mack

$7.00 per class


9:30 – 10:30 AM

Youth fitness program for homeschool children designed to provide a structured physical fitness program to develop strength, flexibiity and endurance for children 5 – 15.  This program helps children lead a healthier lifestyle while learning the importance of being actively fit. Classes held at Robertson Park 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena. For more information please call (323) 219-0903.

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By clicking on the title below you will be directed to the actual article.  Be sure to review all the other articles we have created under the “Article” section of this website.

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