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Welcome to Excellence In Education, the home of homeschool freedom.  We are the original and largest homeschool resource center in the West Coast that is all inclusive in what options we offer. EiE was established in 1991 after we successfully homeschooled our two daughters. As you navigate this site you will find that we have many options including park day, classes, seminars, private satellite program, bookstore, on-line catalog and many other.  Please take time to familiarize yourself with our options and services.  We look forward to meeting and working with your family.


EIE Seminar

Geography Is Everything


October 17

7:00 – 9:00 PM

The true study of Geography is a wonderful all encompassing investigation into all aspects of a city, state, country or continent.  Learn how the studies of math, geology, science, art, literature and other topics can be utilized in the exciting study of Geegraphy.

COST:  $5.00 per person.

Make Your Own Website

{Without Code}

Presented by:

Noah Witt


October 19 & 26

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Instructor: Noah Witt

Noah Robert Witt is a web designer, illustrator, graphic designer, videographer, and teacher. He has illustrated, published, and marketed a widely distributed book. Noah has made several websites and serves in the media department at his church. He is a Meritorious Award recipient. When not studying or working, he enjoys his Bible study, the outdoors, reading, and listening to Christian music.

Ages: 11 and up.

Want to sell something online? Have a story to tell the world? Want a website to post photos and impress your friends? Have an interest or product you want to share with others? Whatever the reason, by the end of this two session class, your free, modern, customized website will be up and running! In this class you will

  • Pick a website provider
  • Choose a domain
  • Create your website’s “look”
  • Use website themes
  • Incorporate content
  • Understand plugins
  • Learn how to sell your products
  • And more!

Materials Needed: Laptop (ideal) or a tablet with Wi-Fi access

Cost: $40.00 per student (adult accompanying student is free)

Sign up now!

Email Noah Witt •

Picture Day

Monday October 23, 2017

1:00 pm – closing

COST:      varies

PLACE:     EiE large classroom

Come and have your picture taken and student and teacher ID made by our photographer.  This can also be a wonderful opportunity to take pictures for your Christmas season.

Please fill out a Field Trip Voucher or email us that you will be attending.

Photo Day 


Store Wide Sale

Monday October 23, 2017

1:00 pm – closing

A fantastic two event day of fun and savings.

Just imagine, a great photo day for your family combined with surprise store wide sale.  EIE is offering at least 20% off all new books and games.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for your family to start buying gifts for the Christmas season as well as posing with our delightful photographer for school pictures as well as holiday photo’s of your family.

Check out our new Tutorial Section. Videos seminars on important subjects.

2017-18 EIE Class Offerings

EiE is excited to present the class schedule for the 2017-18 school year.  It will be a wonderful year of great academic classes and exploratory classes not found anywhere else.  Be sure to check out our CLASSES section and watch for updated information on the classes and teachers.

Martial Arts Opportunity 

Please click on the above image to be redirected to their website.

1 Month Trial Offer

ONLY $37.97!

Includes Free Uniform


Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy is now offering Martial Arts Classes for home schooled children!

  • Earn PE Credits
  • Build Confidence
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Make New Friends
Classes will be held at Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:00 AM.

Special Pricing for EIE Students!

Owned by a EIE Academy Family – We encourage you to seriously check out this fantastic opportunity. – We believe in the benefits of Martial Arts. –

We give credit for the influence of martial arts for our two daughter’s success in life.

Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy   4203 E. Live Oak Ave.   Arcadia,  CA 91006   (626) 445-7072


Customer Reviews

Michelle Ricalde
I went to this store yesterday and was blown away!! A homeschooling parents dream come true! Not only do they have an awesome selection of books, games, and curriculum, but the owner is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I can not wait to go back!!
Eli Valencia (Facebook post 10-13-16)
 Excellent people there willing to help in all we need for homescholl our kids. Its a great place to go to. I just went there and they treated me like if they knew me for a long time. Great environment.
Melinda Sellers (2-20-17 Facebook post)

EIE offers many services and resources. 1. They have a terrific bookstore/shop. 2. Can enroll your student as a private homeschool student with them, or the option to do you own program. (We were our own private school, R4). 3. There are classes taught by fantastic and well qualified instructors if one so chooses. EIE is a most wonderful well rounded homeschooling program for all ages. Weather a little hand holding is needed, or a lot. If I had any sort of question about homeschooling, they knew it and kindly supported. The book store was terrific resource for us, and my students enjoyed a number of classes to take a wee burden off of me. For example, subjects that aren’t my strength like Latin, and I didn’t want chemistry projects all over my kitchen table. It was nice for them to partake in a class or instructor that offered a different view point or approach, which is always enlightening. Plus, fun and enriching subjects such as art, music classes, and etc. are offered. They can also guide home school legalities if a family needs some hand holding in that regard as well. Highly recommend. We enjoyed EIE off and on from ages 6 to 16. My students are at university and doing great. As the expression goes, “it takes a village to rise a child,” I’m very grateful to have been apart of this village.

Fantastic Physical Education Opportunity

Get Fit

With Johnny Mack

$7.00 per class


9:30 – 10:30 AM

Youth fitness program for homeschool children designed to provide a structured physical fitness program to develop strength, flexibiity and endurance for children 5 – 15.  This program helps children lead a healthier lifestyle while learning the importance of being actively fit.

Classes held at Robertson Park 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena.

For more information please call (323) 219-0903.

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