Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be a member of EIE Academy to participate in the other services like field trips or classes?


You do not have to be a member of EIE Academy to participate in our other activities.  All of our activities and options are available to all homeschool families regardless of how you homeschool.

What are our hours?

The bookstore hours are 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The Resource Center may be open earlier or later depending on when classes are in session or special events.


Do you actually have a brick and mortar bookstore?


Yes, we actually have a real bookstore with huge inventory (thousands) of new books and games to review and purchase.  The items listed in our catalog are a fraction of what is available at the resource center.


Do you sell used curriculum and games?


Yes, we have a consignment program where families sell their used curriculum, books and games at discounted prices.  If you have used books and games you want to sell please contact EIE for details.  We have a large inventory of used items and our inventory is constantly changing.  We also have a huge used curriculum sale every summer where families can sell their used curriculum at great savings.

Do you accept charter funds?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from most charters for new books and games.  Most of our teachers accept charter purchase orders for the classes you might want you child to take.  Please contact the teacher for information on charter purchase orders.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We proudly accept the following forms of payments:

Cash, Checks, All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and some Charter Purchase Orders.

Who do I pay for classes?

Each teacher is responsible for collecting fees for their services.  EIE does not accept payment for classes.

Does EIE provide transcripts and high school diplomas?

If you are a member of EIE Academy we provide at no additional charge as many transcripts you need and an official high school diploma.  If you are not a member of EIE Academy we can still create transcripts and diplomas for your family at a reasonable charge.  Please contact EIE for details.

Do you sign work permits and entertainment permits?