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The genesis of EIE Academy goes all the way back to 1992 when we followed the wishes of many of our homeschool friends by starting what was known as an Independent Study Program (ISP).  At this point we had successfully homeschooled our own two daughters into the high school years and were confident that we could provide help to the homeschool community through an ISP. From the original enrollment of seven families, EIE Academy has matured into a full service program open to all homeschoolers.

Over the years, EIE Academy has expanded into a highly successful Private Satellite Program (the new term for ISP) as well as a very popular homeschool resource center.  Since the birth of EIE we have been working very hard to serve the needs of the entire spectrum of homeschool families.

Our services include the following:

  • Record Keeping
  • Enrollment in a registered California private school
  • High School graduation with Diploma
  • Curriculum Counseling
    • Highly knowledgeable with all curriculum and homeschool styles from unschooling to school-at-home.
  • Learning Style Assessments
    • Certified Learning Style Coaches through the Learning Success Institute in Ventura.
    • We feel that a thorough understanding of the learning styles of each family member is critical for a successful homeschool experience. You will not find a better learning style assessment anywhere else.
  • Special Needs
    • Special need students are welcome at EIE.
    • We have a tremendous amount of experience with special needs students including the work experience Marty has had in the past.
    • We have studied the latest research and attended several extended seminars through Dr. Purvis at Texas Christian University’s Child Development Center.
    • Our knowledge, understanding and love of working with the special needs community is unsurpassed within the PSP community.
  • Game Curriculum
    • As the creators of the game curriculum (gamecurriculum.com) we understand the dynamic success that emanates from the use of non-textbook approaches and games.
  • Park Day: See our page on park days.
  • High School
    • We provide assistance through all phases of high school including the college admittance process.
    • We issue Entertainment Permits and Work Permits
    • We create very effective transcripts that are accepted at all college and university locations.
    • We have an awesome and personal graduation ceremony.
    • We issue diplomas
    • We have a very successful rate of acceptance of our graduates at top rated colleges and universities.
  • No meetings! Yes, you read right.  We do not believe that mass meetings are effective or necessary.  If you need counseling we can arrange for a one on one meeting that is tailored just for your family.
  • Credentialed supervision.
    • Carolyn is a Life Credentialed Teacher with the State of California.
  • Field Trips:
    • We believe that field trips are an important ingredient in a successful education.
    • Last year (2016-17) we participated in 54 field trips.
    • Please see our Field Trip Page.
  • Classes: Please see our Classes Page
  • Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) discount group

Current Fee Schedule

  • Family Tuition (based on an academic year)             $350.00
  • Enrollment Fee per student                                         $20.00
    • Maximum fee is $40.00 per family
    • One time fee
  • High School Fee per student                                       $40.00
    • Annual Fee
    • Maximum of $80.00 per family
    • Applies to grades 9-12

We hope this provides an understandable overview of our academy.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:

Phone:  (626) 821-0025

Email:  eieinformation@gmail.com

Or, visit us at the resource center

  •             2640-A7 S. Myrtle Ave.
  •             Monrovia, CA 91016

You can also find us on Facebook