Marty and Carolyn are available to speak to your group or meeting throughout the year.  As homeschool pioneers they have influenced the direction of the homeschool movement for over 30 years.  Through the involvement with their resource center, private satellite program, classroom offerings, support group and Marty’s extensive involvement with the California statewide homeschool advocacy groups (Marty is a co-founder of the California Homeschool Network) they have acquired an extensive knowledge base that they are willing to share with the homeschool community.  They successfully homeschooled their two daughters.  Their specialty areas include out of the box approaches, learning styles, special needs homeschooling, delayed academics, importance of play and The Game Curriculum to name a few options.

If you are interested in having Marty and Carolyn speak to your group please contact us at eieinformation@gmail.com or call us at (626) 821-0025.