Tired of Red, Irritated or Dry Eyes?

by Dr. Karen Chao O.D.

Usually during the winter we are indoors a lot, with dry heat. As a result, people who suffer with dry eyes tend to feel more symptoms. Do you ever have intermittent blurry vision or do your eyes ever feel:

  • Scratchy and gritty?
  • Like they are burning? Stinging?
  • Itchy?
  • Painful?
  • Sensitive to light?

Your eyes could be dry due to allergies, medication, auto immune disease or hormonal changes associated with aging. Even your contact lens solution could be the culprit. But don’t despair – we can help!

These are all signs that your eyes are dry. Normally your eyes are supposed to lubricate themselves on a regular basis. When they don’t lubricate themselves properly the eyes will become irritated.

Whatever the cause— we have simple, natural solutions available.
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Problems With Reading Fluency?Vision

Reading fluency is the ability to read text rapidly, smoothly, effortlessly and automatically. When someone has difficulty seeing the print in a book due to any of a variety of correctable eye coordination and eye movement disorders, this can be very difficult.

For example, imagine trying to read and having the words look like this:

Yet, this is what it can look like for some children with binocular vision disorders. If your child struggles with reading fluency, your first step is to schedule a binocular vision evaluation. During the evaluation the doctor will be able to determine the depth of the problem as well as the best treatment options.

Call our office today to schedule a developmental vision evaluation. You can also request a list of symptoms that will help determine if a vision problem is contributing to your child’s reading fluency or visit our website.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Eye Turns

While surgery can straighten the eyes, one eye may still have a tendency to continue “seeing” as though it were still crossed. Actually, eye turns do not usually involve faulty or damaged eye muscles. Eye turns can often be treated non-surgically with a program of Vision Therapy.

Eyes that wander cause more than just an appearance problem. Poor binocular vision can cause trouble with:

  • Riding a bicycle or driving
  • Judging distances
  • Doing close-up work
  • Playing ball sports
  • Depth perception; inability to see in 3D

If someone in your family has an eye turn – either intermittent or constant, has had strabismus surgery or has just been diagnosed with strabismus, please contact our office and arrange a visual skills evaluation.

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