The Arts 2020-21

Kids and Teens On-Camera Acting Class

Taught by:

Casting Director and Set Coach

Chris Gillmore and Leo Gilmore

Watch the interview with Chris about her class.


  • January 18, 25
  • February 15, 22
  • March 22, 29
  • April 19, 26
  • May 17, 24
  • June 21, 28
  • July 19, 26
  • August 23, 30
  • September 20, 27
  • October 18, 25
  • November 8, 15
  • December 6, 13
Our acting class times:
  • 12:00 PM-2:00 PM
    • Little Stars  (4 to 9)
  • 2:05 PM -4:05 PM
    • Beginners  (9 thru teen)
  • 4:10 PM -6:10 PM 
    • Intermediate to Advanced


  • Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • California Enrichment Academy
  • Excel Academy
  • Golden Valley
  • Gorman
  • iLead
  • Inspire
  • Sage Oak
  • Sky Mountain


  • $125 per month private funds
  • $150 with charter funds made out to Home School Coaches 

So…Whatever you’re thinking an acting class for kids and teens is, you will be happily surprised!  This acting class, taught by professional casting director and set coach of over 15,000 kids and teens, Chris Gilmore.  It is much more than just a class where students learn how to act professionally on camera for movies, television and commercials.

The added benefits of this incredible series of classes are:  It builds the student’s self esteem and self image.  It teaches discipline and focus as well as teaching students to use their creativity and imagination.  It empowers the students to be able to speak in front of a group with great confidence and improves memorization, improvisation and even helps develop a sense of humor.

From start to finish all students will learn the art of comedy, drama, two-party scene study, cold-reading, monologue technique, comedy improvisation as applied to on-camera film and television performances as well as commercial techniques.  Every month is a different acting theme.  This course is the Real Thing, and if acting professionally is the goal, students will receive all the skills necessary to pursue a professional acting career while having fun learning them.


  • This class is designed for the younger 5 – 9 year old children.
  • Primary goal is to discover the child’s talent and introduce the concepts of creatity and imagination.
  • Introduce child to cold reading skills and improve vocabulary to build communication skills.
  • Improvisation to develope their on the spot problem solving and communication confidence.
  • Teach discipline and focus.
  • Works on a goal and reward system allowing the child to experience an instant gratification experience.
  • Ideal class to work on communication skills including eye contact and body language.



This class is highly suggested for kids 9 years old through 18.

  • Assorted acting skills including comedy improv, method acting, on camera scene study, and much more.
  • A  class which encourages the student to ask questions and learn the techniques of acting from the beginning steps on.
  • A strong focus on building the student’s confidence in themselves and in letting go the fear of performing in front of others
  • In this class, the teacher also evaluates the student’s learning style, confidence level, emotional needs, and develops a teaching plan for each individual student
  • Great class for a trained actor who has developed bad acting habits and needs to relearn the skills from a new perspective. (such as a theatre-trained actor who needs to learn how to tone-down “theatre acting” and approach acting from a more organic and internal level.



This class is highly suggested for teens

  • A faster paced class where students are challenged to utilize their acting skills to the max, as they learn new and more advanced skills
  • Many acting challenges are given which builds even more confidence
  • Great class for trained actors who are looking to continue growing in the art of on camera acting and seriously considering a professional acting career.

THE ADDED BONUS:  At the end of every month, all parents will receive an on-line video of the students’ performances in class so you can watch their progress. (upon request)


Art History

Taught by:

Cynthia Rodriguez


2:00 – 3:00

Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds.

First day of classes: 

Friday September 11, 2020


  • $270.00 per semester (Two 14 week semesters)
This is a one year course that introduces the student to world history through the ancient art of major world cultures. We start with the famous French cave drawings and walk through the timeline to include Egyptian art, Roman art, Greek art and culture, Medieval art, Christian art, Renaissance art and famous painters of the 19th and 20th century.
Each week we will discuss
The social, political and artistic events of the major eras in world history. The lessons include: lecture time, one or two videos, and a short drawing lesson on the art being discussed that day. Included is a sample reproduction of a sculpture, coins, or painting of that time era, and a sample of cultural food groups to expose the student to a hands-on experience only found in museums or by visiting the ancient sites. The class is for 8th through 12th grade.
Please contact Cynthia Rodriguez for more info or to register at:

Art Classes

TAUGHT BY:    Marisa Rodriguez is a homeschooled EIE Academy graduate who also attending  Pasadena City College to earn her Fine Arts degree.  Marissa and her mother Cynthia provide a very open and relaxing environment for learning the fine skills of art.  Each student works on their own special projects with Marissa and Cynthia providing helpful tips to the soothing influence of classical music.  Each Semester consists of 14 weeks of instruction.

Art 1

Taught by:

Marisa Rodriguez



11:00 – 12:00


Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

Each Semester consists of 14 weeks of instruction.

We do not accept charter funds.


CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:


  • $260.00 non-charter per semester, or
  • $65.00 per month plus a $15.00 material fee each month.

Payment due no later than the first day of the semester.

In this class, students will learn  basic drawing and structure. Students will be taught different art techniques to create pencil sketches from both their imaginations, and from simple pictures. Each week, students will be taught how to use special tools such as different grades of pencils, colored pencil, cloth to blend, erasers, charcoal to create gradation from light to dark, perspective, and many more techniques used by artists today. The teacher will also cover the fundamentals of the color wheel and how it can be applied to the different mediums of art.  Students will also learn about famous artists such as: Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and many more.

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:

Art 2


12:00 – 1:00


Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

Each Semester consists of 14 weeks of instruction.

We do not accept charter funds.



  • $260.00 non-charter per semester OR
  • $65.00 per month plus a $15.00 material fee each month.

Payment due no later than the first day of the semester.

In this class, students will continue their art  lessons with the teacher and slowly move into using watercolors and acrylic paint in the second semester. Students will learn how to mix primary colors to create custom paint for their acrylic art projects. Watercolor techniques will be taught using a high grade professional watercolor paper, suitable for framing. In addition, various tools will be used; training the student in a mixture of mediums, from colored pencil to charcoal, grades of pencils, cloth to blend, fine black pens for pen drawing, watercolor and acrylic paint (second semester). 10 students max.

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:

Basics of Film

Taught by:

Dan Shippey


11:00 – 12:00

Imprint Class

Taught by:

Chris Gonzales-Aden


9:30 – 10:30

Imprint: to make an impression. This class will cover a brief history of the world of impression arts. The making of prints. We will look at the different types of printmaking and ,taking those influences and our own creative efforts, make a small edition of prints to be used as greeting cards or framable artworks. The students will be guided through the steps of designing ,through thumbnail drawing ,their ideas and then carving and proofing their relief prints using an antique book press.

Class is limited to 8 students.

8 week class
Class cost: $120 for instruction
$40 for supplies (this includes the printmaking blocks and tools and paper they get to keep.)
  • Class 1: intro, history, idea making
  • Class 2,3,4: work on edition of first print. 
  • Class 5,6,7: work on edition of second print
  • Class 8: fun-al (final) critique and wrap up. 
Chris Gonzales-Aden
626-644-3644 (phone or text is best, but if I don’t pick up leave a message and I’ll get back ASAP)

Once Upon a Time Dance Class

Taught by:

Annette Kirkland


9:00am to 9:45am

1) Movin’ And Groovin’:

9:45am to 10:30

2) Stretch & Conditioning:

Once Upon a Time Dance and Fitness Classes bring over 40 years of experience in dance and theater arts. We have created productions, produced, directed, written, choreographed, taught and performed professionally; which has given us the opportunity to work in the mediums of television, movies and theater. We are principal artists and have performed in ensembles, dance companies, and as guest artists around the world in venues from arenas to small theaters. We have received our training by some of the most prestigious, by invitation and audition only, dance schools and world renowned teachers.

We are looking forward to our students having fun while learning new skills, getting stronger and achieving great things! We believe all should have the opportunity to know the joys of dance!


Our program consists of a variety of Once Upon A Time Dance & Fitness Classes. All classes are designed especially for the Homeschooler, Independent Study, and special needs students.

 We believe in a positive creative dance & fitness education for children, teens and young adults. Each dance class student is encouraged to develop their own personal style using pantomime and dance techniques while practicing storytelling through the movement of dance. Our unique dance fitness classes create a positive approach to exercise and promotes a happy and healthy life-style. 

All classes develop muscle tone, strengthens core, aids in the development of cognitive skills, relieves stress and anxiety, builds balance, flexibility, coordination skills and stamina.

All classes are enriched with dance etiquette, the development of self-confidence and the discovery and reward of self-achievment.

Our program creates an experienced source of camaraderie and fosters the human connection. Everyone develops new skills while having fun.

Our belief is that all should have the opportunity to know the joys of dance!

 The classes at EIE Homeschool Academy are Dance Fitness Classes: Movin’ and Groovin’ & Stretch and Conditioning. These classes are dance inspired work-outs…..Where Dance meets Fitness!

 *All students should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to sweat!!


9:00am to 9:45am

1) Movin’ And Groovin’:                                                                                                                           This class is for all ages and is designed to be a fun way to exercise. It’s an adrenaline-pumping dance cardio class. This class improves flexibility, strength and stamina while getting your heart pumping!


9:45am to 10:30

2) Stretch & Conditioning:

This class is for all ages and is designed to be a fun way to work-out. Its a muscle-toning and strengthening dance inspired class. This class improves posture, flexibility, mobility while gaining muscle strength.


*$98 for a 4 week session

*$112.50 for charter students

 Contact: Annette Kirkland – call/text: 310-560-2728 Or Email:


* Additional dance and fitness classes located at The Homeschool Dance Studio: 111 N Atlantic Blvd. Monterey Park, Ca. 91754 (bottom floor of Mall complex #114)



Introduction to Singing, Performing, Songwriting, Recording and Audition Preparation 

Taught by:

 Janeen Ferdinand


Cost: $65 per one hour class.

Class meet’s twice a week for one hour each, by appointment only.

Mentoring Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced students 7 and Up

Does your child love to sing? Are they afraid to step out in faith and share their gift with the world?

Professional singer, songwriter, producer and mentor Janeen Ferdinand helps your child appreciate the uniqueness of their voice, sing with boldness, gain the confidence they need to dissolve any fear of public performance and land more auditions while discovering their true gifts, talents, calling and purpose.

Your child’s confidence will SOAR as they work with Janeen to turn their love for singing into a professionally written, recorded, mixed and mastered song OF THEIR OWN that could become a number one hit!


One of the only activities that stimulate, activate and use the ENTIRE brain is music? Studies show students with music training have more than twice as much cognitive and non-cognitive skills than those who are involved in sports, theater and dance AND they have better school grades, their more conscientious, open and ambitious! (Findings from the German Socio-Economic Panel, SOEP).

Parent, if your child is showing signs of anger or frustration, Janeen’s class is what they need.

In this class, students are not just taking singing lessons. They are performing, voice acting, singing, songwriting and recording their very own original song that they work one-on-one with Janeen to sing and perform for the world!

Janeen takes her students through her step by step songwriting process; from song idea, to song completion, performance coaching, to showcase in this very unique class.

Students are now enrolling.

*This is a 3 month course.

*This is a faith-based mentorship.

*All are welcome to interview, apply and audition.

*Students meet ONE-ON-ONE, twice a week for one hour each.


Call or email to meet with Janeen in her recording studio in San Gabriel California for a FREE 1 hour vocal audition to discuss your child’s music goals. (By appointment only).

References available upon request.


My name is Janeen Ferdinand. I am a worship leader, singer, songwriter, voiceover artist, composer and producer. I’ve been singing professionally for over 30 years and mentoring for over ten years.

I teach out of my own professional, state of the art, “really cool” (according to my students) recording studio in southern California. I specialize in singing, vocal tips and training techniques to preserve the longevity and quality of the voice, basic fundamentals of recording in a studio, audition preparation, songwriting, music production and performing.

I currently work with several Emmy Award winning producers in television and film and I’ve previously worked with multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producers Maurice Starr (New Edition and New Kids on the Block), Michael Jonzun, Donnie Wahlberg, Gerald Lee (songwriter for the multiple Grammy award winning singer Patti LaBelle) and Grammy nominated producer / saxophonist Scott Mayo. I’ve toured around the U.S. for many years performing, recording and opening for numerous national acts including multiple Grammy Award winners The Fugees.

I enjoy working with aspiring artists of all ages, helping them to discover and walk in their calling and purpose, inspiring them to help others do the same.

I have numerous client testimonials available on my website and by request.

My current students are landing auditions, excelling in singing, songwriting, vocal recording and courageously performing publicly and I am confident you will too.

My class is faith-based, personalized to your child’s specific needs and open to students of all ages.

I look forward to going on a musical journey with you!

-Water bottle with temperature room water
-Music book that we provide

 Location & Contact Details

Tel: (626) 292-2258

843 Commercial Avenue San Gabriel, CA 91776