Archery Fantasy

Taught by:



12:30 – 1:30

TUITION:  $280.00 per semester

GRADES:   1st – 5th

Fantasy Classes are an intro to archery class using real bows designed for 6 to 11-year-old students. The classes focus on teaching safety and core archery techniques all while keeping energy high and immersive using a Fantasy story and plot to reinforce each new skill taught. Students will progress through an exciting original Archery Champs story as well as earn achievements based on behavior and skill using the Archery Champs Phoenix Feather system.

  • Approved Vendor with Following Charters:
    Sage Oak
    River Springs
    Pacific Springs
    Vista Springs
    Empire Springs
    Cabrillo Point (Inspire)
    Mission Vista (Inspire)
    Granite Mountain (Inspire)
    Pacific Coast Academy


Brittney Weber


Archery Skills and Games

Taught by:



1:30 – 2:30

Tuition  $280 per semester

Grades 5th-12th

Offered By Archery Champs

Skills and games Classes are designed to teach beginner to intermediate archers from ages 14 and up. Classes will teach archery fundamentals with a fun and exciting instructor who will seek to teach the whole class as well as teach each student on an individual level. The class will consist of learning a archery technique and class will end with a exhilarating archery game based on the taught and practiced technique.

  • Approved Vendor with Following Charters:
    Sage Oak
    River Springs
    Pacific Springs
    Vista Springs
    Empire Springs
    Cabrillo Point (Inspire)
    Mission Vista (Inspire)
    Granite Mountain (Inspire)
    Pacific Coast Academy


Brittney Weber


The Rational Bible

Genesis and Haggadah volumes

Taught by:

Lilly Witczak

Recommended grade levels – 8th through 12th

Class Begins:  September 12, 2022

Duration:  1 school year




A truly fun and informative class!

This course is designed to introduce students to the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the oldest continuously celebrated holiday in the world, Passover, through the lens of Dennis Prager. Miss Lilli has studied Genesis a few times and was amazed at the clarity and the profound observations Mr. Prager details in his well-researched books.

It is not the goal of the class to convert students into joining a specific religion. All students are welcome, from atheist to conservative Christian to Muslim, etc.

 Students will learn the history of Genesis and the time surrounding the beginning of Passover. They will have some lively discussions and writing assignments about polytheism, the family, gratitude, and more. The pace of the class will be based on the ability of the students. If the class can cover more material, the Exodus volume may be added; however, this is unlikely.

The class will be meeting in person at EIE; however, if this goal cannot be realized it will meet on Skype. ….When at EIE, there will be a couple of amazing parties that students will remember and hopefully a quasi-sedar (Passover-ish, meal) which will include some of the traditional prayers in Hebrew.

 Books Required:

  •  The Rational Bible: Genesis by Dennis Prager
  •       ISBN: 978-1-62157-898-7
  •  The Rational Haggadah by Dennis Prager
  •      ISBN: 978-1684512584


Fees: $250.00 per semester plus books.


CONTACT: Lilli Witczak (626)232-7932 text only -or- email at: lilli.witczak@gmail.com


TAUGHT BY:  Glory Janbazian


1:30pm – 2:30

TAUGHT BY: Glory Janbazian

TARGET: Age 9-99

COURSE DURATION: A series of three, 8-week workshops.  Register for the workshops you want.


  • Workshop I : 8 weeks (Sept 7-Nov 2)
  • Workshop 2: 8 weeks (Nov 16-Feb 8)
  • Workshop 3: 8 weeks (Feb 22-May 3)

Complimentary New Student Orientations will be available on Nov 9 and Feb 22 for those who would like to join mid-year.



$90 per workshop plus a one-time $15 materials fee for a starter kit.

New student orientations on Nov 8 and Feb 22 will be available free of charge, for those who would like to join mid-year.

Get “Totally Hooked” on learning the art of crochet that will turn you from a nervous novice to a confident crafter! These adorable seasonal projects will surely motivate you to practice and develop your skills as you go.

Youth (age 9+), teens and/or parents who are interested may join these workshops with no previous crochet experience required.

What crochet skills will you learn in Totally Hooked?

  •  How to hold the yarn and hook
  • 4 foundational stitches
  • Sewing/darning pieces together
  • Crochet terms and abbreviations
  • How to read a written crochet pattern
  • How to identify stitches
  • Intermediate stich patterns
  • Tips for yarn selection
  • And more!

 Once you have been shown, guided through and practiced what to do in the workshop, you will be expected to continue to crochet some elements of each project at home.  Then we’ll add the next step of the project each week until your masterpieces are complete!

 All yarn for each project is included in the workshop.  Each student will need to purchase our starter kit for $15, which will provide you with: crochet hooks, darning needle, stitch markers, folding scissors, hook case, and yarn tote. This kit is yours to keep for future crochet projects, including those in any other workshops you take with me.


Be part of the “Crochet Comeback” with a new hobby that is perfect to take on the go!Riding in the car, during class breaks, on vacation, while watching TV, in the waiting room, while listening to music…just grab your tote and get stitching!


REGISTRATION: Beginning April 1, 2022 complete the registration form at

http://TotallyHooked.weebly.com .  Accepting checks, Venmo, or debit/credit cards through PayPal for workshop fees.

Questions? Email Glory at craftingwithglory@gmail.com

BUILD-A-BIZ: Pizzeria Edition

Taught By Ani Janbazian



TARGET: Grades 4th-7th

VENDOR: We Spark Learning

COURSE DURATION: 1 year (two, 13 week semesters)


  • Semester 1 runs Sept 7 – Dec 14, 2022
  • Semester 2 runs Jan 18 – May 3, 2023



  • $260 for private pay homeschool families.
  • $285 for iLead, Epic, Aveson, Compass, Heartland, Mission Vista Academy, Blue Ridge Academy, Pacific Coast Academy, Mission Vista Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, Granite Mountain, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Summit, Golden Valley, and Excel Academy Charter students.
  • If you don’t see your school listed, please contact us at WeSparkLearning@yahoo.com so we can apply to become a vendor for you.

 As a classroom entrepreneur you will plan and create your own pizzeria and take care of the daily operations, learning dozens of practical concepts related to your new venture along the way. What will the week’s assignment be: Designing and naming your restaurant? Planning the Grand Opening? Calculating profit? Scripting a commercial? Making a brochure? Conducting an employee job interview?


In the exciting world of business, there is so much you can learn:

  • Writing a Simple Business Plan
  • Basic Economics
  • Money Matters
  • Math
  • Problem Solving
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Nutrition
  • and Design



You will dream up pizza specials to test the market as you look for successful dishes to grow your permanent menu. Will your new recipe be a hit? Find out the following week, through a Consumer Report showing customer sales and reviews.  We will track the collective profits of all class Pizzerias to earn real prizes throughout the year.


In Semester #2, you will have one special project to complete at home,  followed by a chance to present it in front of your fellow “business owners”.  We will finish our year with a real-life Pizza Party to celebrate how well you Build-a-Biz!


Upon registration, you will be provided with a simple materials list of some basic school supplies that students will need to have on hand.


REGISTRATION: Beginning May 1, 2022, simply complete the registration form available through WeSparkLearning.com . Charter School students should follow with a request a P.O./Enrichment Certificate to be issued as soon as the school begins processing for this period, in order to secure enrollment.

Questions? Call (626)482-8963 or email WeSparkLearning@yahoo.com


Taught by:

Jeff Schwartz


1:00 – 2:00



4:00 – 5:00

Cost:          $153.00  for each 11-week session per  student.  

Recommended   ages:   5  to    13   or   grades   K  to   8.

Open  to  beginners  and  advanced   students

Students  will learn to play the game of Chess and learn winning strategies.  They will become prepared for tournament  play which is organized  by  Coach  Jeff.  Tournament  play  is not required but is an added bonus.

Chess  is  a  wonderful  game that helps children develop mental discipline, analytical  skills, strategic  thinking, and  do  better academically.  Studies  have shown that   students   studying   Chess    demonstrated    a  marked   development   of  their  verbal    and math  aptitudes.  This  class  is  a great way for kids to have fun, improve  in  Chess, and  make  new  friends.

Added  bonus:   As  Coach  Jeff’s    program    is  in  twenty-one    elementary   schools   in   the  San  Gabriel   Valley,  Coach  Jeff organizes    three   tournaments   per  semester.

About  Coach  Jeff:   Jeff  Schwartz  has  played   tournament  chess    from  the  time  he  was  a  freshman   in  college.   Coach  Jeff  is a  Life  Member    of  the  United  States   Chess  Federation,  and  an  active  member  of  the  Arcadia  Chess   Club. Coach  Jeff  has taught  Chess   since   2007,   helping  hundreds   of   students  mature  in  the  world  of  Chess,  even  while  he   uses  an individualized  approach   for  each  student.

Contact:    chesscoachjeff@live.com or (626) 232-5466

New Testament Studies

 Taught by:

Hatty Kunch


1:00 – 2:00

Materials Used:

The ESV Bible (English Standard Version)

 Appropriate for:

High School Students


$250 per semester

An Introduction to the 27 New Testament books focuses on historical questions dealing with authorship, date, sources, purpose, destination, and so forth, ensuring that the New Testament books will be accurately understood within historical settings. Specific time will be allocated to the “good news” events of the saving life of the Lord Jesus Christ – His Life, Death, Resurrection.


  • Hatty Kunch
  • (626) 833-3070






Taught by:

Cindra Barnes

School House of the Grove


11:00 – 12:00

Suitable for Grades:   Varies ages

Duration of Series:      2 – 4 weeks each

Classes Begin:     Sept 9 – June 16 (changing   subject 1st Thursday of each  month)

Cost of Classes:   Range from $35 – $80 (includes all materials)

Inquires & Information:

Register for Class:  At above contact information.  Deposits range from $10 – 20, are nonrefundable and due at time of registration.

Description of Class:  Each month will be a different elective short. Registration will be class by class and month to month on the week prior to the date of first class.

Example: Class F begins Feb 3 – Registration will be from Jan 27th – Feb 2


  • – In registering for these classes, please be aware that there are age guidelines to ensure for subject appropriateness.
  • – Class sizes are limited.
  • – There are no charter funds available at this time.
  • -Some classes require parent waivers or student contracts, and prices vary per class.
  • – Check each class description carefully.

    Event Planning

    September 8, 15, 22, 29

    This class will look at what it takes to become an event planner.  All the drafting, organization, preparation, promotion, and execution of a live event. In this case, the live event will be EIE’s annual Spook fest to be held in October. 

    Suitable for grades 6-8

    Project Development 

    October   6, 13, 20, 27

    This is an extension of the Event Class , it’s event planning for the lower grades. After the details of the event (see class above) are in place, the project development team will take over. Many arts and crafts, décor and props will be needed for the October event of Spook Fest. These details will be completed according to the story boards furnished by the planning team who will join us for the execution of the event.

    Suitable for grades 3-5

     Kid Fun 

    November 3, 10, 17

    Kick off the holidays with some relaxing time with your little ones. This kid fun class will include story time, themed crafts, and fun songs. You’ll want to show them off for your holiday guests and family.

    Suitable for grades Pre-5 years old

    Animal Behavior

    December 1, 8, 15

    COST:  60.00

    What better way to look at animal behavior than to LOOK at animals? Each week we will have a guest animal and test your skills playing a game of ‘What’s my Species?’. We will compare animal traits that categorize them into certain species and get an up-close look at those differences.

    Suitable for grades 3-8

    Continental Cooking 

    January 5, 12, 19, 26

    COST:  $80.00

    In this class we will be whipping up traditional dishes from different countries. A beginners cooking class mixed with a little history, a little purpose, and a whole lot of fun.  4 weeks, 3 countries and 1 parent tasting day. Bon ’e petit!

    Suitable for grades 4-8

    Comedy Improv

    February  2, 9, 16, 23


    Basic stage fundamentals will lead off these weeks of fun. Comedic situations and games will be introduced. Every participant reacting differently to the same information crates material for a very funny, ‘end of the month show’. Bring your creativity and imagination. Great for the shy and the outgoing. Everyone is a performer!

    Suitable for grades 2-8


    March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


    This class will take a ‘Henny Penny’ approach to the fundamentals of preparing, planting, maintenance, harvesting and reaping. A farmers’ market will be available after the last class.

    Suitable for grades 1-12

    NASCAR Racing 

    April 6, 13, 20, 27


    April is the beginning of car racing season. Join the fun on race day for contest categories of show and for the Big Race. You will be building your own pine wood derby car to specific guidelines to ensure fairness, but the rest is up to you, your creativity and imagination.

    Suitable for grades 2-8


    May 4, 11, 18, 25


    This is a class of basic car maintenance and awareness. Whether you’re a beginner or knowledgeable and no matter the gender, there are always things to learn about your car and your driving experience. There are good things to know that the manual (and a lot of times an instructor) doesn’t tell you before you hit the roads. Each week a different subject; how does it GO?, Under the hood, What about the road? And Things to think about.

    Suitable for grades 9-12

    Shake It Off! 

    June  1, 8, 15

    3 WEEKS


    Classes are over, finals are taken, summer plans are being made. Anyone who is still around and needs to wind down can join us for some organized sports and activities where we can, shake it off!

    Suitable for grades ALL