Introduction to  


Presented by:

Marty & Carolyn


June 7, 2018

7:00 PM


Are you considering homeschooling, or if you are homeschooling now and still have questions. If so, we have the solution for you! Join us for our “Introduction to Homeschooling” Seminar. We will explain all aspects of homeschooling including the following questions.

•What is homeschooling?
•Can I do it?
•What are the legal options in California? 
•How do I take my child out of school?
•What are Learning Styles?
•How do I choose a curriculum?
•How do I find a support group or other help?
•Do Homeschoolers go to college?
•What about a child with Special Needs?

These questions and many more will be answered by veteran homeschool leaders, Martin and Carolyn Forte, founders of Excellence in Education in Monrovia. We encourage you to attend this free seminar before you attend any conventions.