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Theater Arts

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Chris Gilmore is a professional in the movie industry currently producing a film which includes some of her EIE students as actors.  She is also a former childhood star and is also a casting director as well as a set director.


Art Classes


Marisa Rodriguez is a homeschooled EIE Academy graduate who also attending  Pasadena City College to earn her Fine Arts degree.  Marissa and her mother Cynthia provide a very open and relaxing environment for learning the fine skills of art.  Each student works on their own special projects with Marissa and Cynthia providing helpful tips to the soothing influence of classical music.


Art History


Cynthia is a homeschool veteran parent that has successfully taught her daughter Marisa from K-12th grade.

She holds a degree in transportation management from Pacific Business Management School in Los Angeles Ca and is certified as a Travel Management expert through the University of Michigan.

Cynthia held a career in the Travel Industry for over 20 years working with the top travel companies in the world. She was able to travel extensively thru out the Continental United States, the Caribbean and Europe. Her love of history began with her travels. She was also in the entertainment business prior to entering into the transportation management business where she learned the art of story telling which she brings to her students in her Art History class.  Cynthia makes history come to life as she teaches and entertains her students with fun and engaging facts.  She also helps her daughter in their business “My Child’s Art” where they teach art every Friday at EIE Academy. In this class students will be engaged, have fun, and learn art history and drawing techniques that will last them a life time.

Brenda Van Der Loo






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In Sherlock’s Study




Pizza Edition


Born in Toronto, Canada, I earned a BA in Arts Management from the University of Toronto.  This is where I first learned to use creative expressions to make a lasting impact on people.  My experience grew with subsequent roles as an Educational Exhibit Designer at the London Regional Children’s Museum, and then as an Educational Interpreter at the Scarborough Historical Museum, where I was trained to relay complex scientific concepts and historical facts to students using a hands-on approach.  As a youth programs coordinator at several non-profits, and a Donor & Special Events Planner at the Music Center of L.A. County, my job was to engage big groups of people for large chunks of time —  so activities that were dynamic and cooperative were always a hit!  Employment at four educational retailers also made it clear that the most effective way for children to learn is simply through play.

As a homeschool mother of three, it seemed natural to use these very ideals to make learning come alive for my children.  I began with creating dynamic, themed, game-based curriculum for my own kids to experience and explore — And it was only a matter of time before it transformed into enrichment classes to offer to others in the homeschool community too.  Through my company, We Spark Learning, I aim to spark intrigue and motivate children to learn with enthusiasm.

Jeff Schwartz


Jeff  Schwartz  has  played   tournament  chess    from  the  time  he  was  a  freshman   in  college.   Coach  Jeff  is a  Life  Member    of  the  United  States   Chess  Federation,  and  an  active  member  of  the  Arcadia  Chess   Club. Coach  Jeff  has taught  Chess   since   2007,   helping  hundreds   of   students  mature  in  the  world  of  Chess,  even  while  he   uses  an individualized  approach   for  each  student.

Jill Wilcox


Bringing the love of science to your classroom.

Jill Wilcox is the owner of Science-2-U and is dedicated to bringing science education to the Home School Community.  Jill earned her bachelor degree in BIOLOGY from California State University at Northridge in 1988.

Prior to forming her business, SCIENCE-2-U, Jill worked in the field of biology for 10 years, specializing in environmental toxicology. She was employed as a biologist in both the public and private sector, which allows her to bring to the classroom a wealth of applicable knowledge outside of the standard science textbook.

Jill teaches surfing and marine biology in the summer months and has been teaching upper level science classes during the school year since 1998. She loves to inspire her students to love science and use it as a tool to better understand all the mysteries of how this world was designed.

Jill is a committed Christian and currently resides in Lakewood, California.

Edward Li

Barnabas Robotics



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Edward is Barnabas Robotics’ CEO and Chief Encourager.   He has worked in technology start-ups since 2005, where he began as a hardware engineer and later transitioned to business development in the commercial robotics industry.  He has extensive experience leading teams in design, operations, and business development in domestic and international markets.  In 2014, Edward left the commercial robotics industry to co-found Barnabas Robotics to empower youth and share a message of hope through technology and education.  He received his B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Eric Lin

Barnabas Robotics


Eric is a part of Barnabas Robotics’ teaching and development team.  Prior to joining the company, Eric was a participant in CalTeach – a program of the University of California’s Science and Math Initiative that supports future S.T.E.M. teachers.  Eric has extensive experience tutoring students of various ages in S.T.E.M. subjects and teaching robotic classes to students ages 5-18.  Eric shares Barnabas Robotics’ vision of an open source community, the desire to experiment, and the joy of teaching and empowering others.  He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.S. in Physics.

Lilli Witczak




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Lilli S. Witczak, MA

Subjects offered in classroom settings, privately, and via Skype:

  • Writing/Grammar                    Literature
  • Reading                                     Guitar
  • Latin                                          Hebrew


  •             2009-current    Teacher/Tutor. Teaching classes and privately tutoring students in                               math, writing, literature, guitar, Latin, and Hebrew.  Students K-12th grade.
  •             2000-2013       Mom and Homeschool Teacher for three students.


  •             California State University, Los Angeles, MA in Exercise Science
  •             California State University, Los Angeles, BA in Physical Education
  •             Pasadena City College, AA
  •             American Jewish University, Continuing Education, Hebrew

 Certifications and Honors:

  •             Institute for Excellence in Writing, Accredited Registered Teacher, current
  •             California Clear Single Subject Credential, physical education, current
  •             Active-for-Life Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, current
  •             American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Health Fitness Specialist
  •             California State University, Los Angeles, Certificate of Honor
  •             Research Grant Recipient
  •             Publication in Sports Medicine, Training and Rehabilitation, An International                          Journal
  •             Presenter, ACSM convention
  •             National Dean’s List


  •             Gardening
  •             Crafts involving fine needle work such as crocheting, hand quilting, hardanger                      embroidery
  •             Classical guitar performing as a Member of Pasadena Conservatory of Music                        Adult Guitar Orchestra

Joanna Stewart

Nutrition 101

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Denis K. Titchenell

Advanced Writing

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Denis K. Titchenell completed a double major and graduate study at the University of California Riverside, and worked in writing, translating, editing and production at a University Press before teaching community college full time for many years.  With his wife, Katinka, a mathematics and physics teacher, he homeschooled his children. Their daughter Fiona, went straight to college from homeschooling, graduated early and went on to write many books.

Denis has taught classes for homeschoolers at EIE since 2002, has edited dozens of papers for publication in scholarly journals, and has written a number of books, including SAT, ACT, TOEFL College Prep English Practice (the text used in the College Prep English Class) and the homeschooling fiction work: Rise of the Pirate Classes; Freedom from Mental Manacles.  His classes are interest driven, delve into many subject realms always focusing upon a high level of language mastery, both written and spoken and are devoted to the precept that learning is the ultimate in fun.

Dan Shippey

Revolutionary America

Young Republic History

Basics of Film

Michelle Small


Math Masters  Grades 3rd-6th

Algebra Prep Grades 6th-8th

Algebra 1 Grades 7 – 9

Michele loves to see the light bulb moment when a student “gets it”.  She loves removing any fear of math by bringing fun into math learning.  She found her passion for math as a teenager, but more importantly in high school she found her passion for Jesus and has been grateful to follow him for many years.  Michele helps students understand math by breaking down concepts into small manageable pieces.  Graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Civil Engineering, she worked in her field for 6 years earning her Professional Engineering License before she chose to become a stay-at-home mom.  Married to her best friend Scott for 30 years, she homeschooled their 3 kids kindergarten to graduation. Her son Justin (23) graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics and works as a Data Engineer, Nathan (21) is a Civil Engineering major at California Baptist University (CBU) and her daughter Catherine (17) will enter CBU as a nursing major Fall 2018.  She has taught classes in many different homeschooling venues through the years and has worked as a math tutor/teacher the last 5 years.    To register for math classes, contact Michele Small at

Theresa Almendras


Algebra II

Theresa has had the privilege and pleasure of homeschooling her two sons, Jared and Jeremiah for the past nine years.  She has also enjoyed the opportunity, during this time, to continue doing what she loves, by offering and teaching math classes for a couple of homeschool Private satellite programs.  Prior to joining the homeschool community, Theresa worked as a public school teacher.  She taught Algebra and Geometry at Downey High School in Downey, California.  Theresa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Latin American Studies from UC Santa Cruz with Honors in Mathematics.  She also attended Biola University for graduate school and has more than thirty credits toward a Master’s degree in Education.  In addition to teaching classes, Theresa is a private math tutor working with both high school and college students for more than 25 years.  The subjects she enjoys teaching are Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, and Statistics.

Regina Tula





I work in the financial arena of fortune 100 companies, developing customized financial strategies to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses and corporations. In my past I have worked in law enforcement and health. Today, I enjoy navigating through the goals of my clients to create a healthy and secure financial future.

Sharon Chung


Sharon Chung

Teaches: American Sign Language (all levels)
Sharon has a BA in Psychology and a MS in Clincla Psychology, both from Vanguard University. Before she started teaching she worked as a developmental play therapist (using Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime method) and then as an ABA therapist (applied behavioral analysis), working with children with special needs.
Sharon has been signing for almost 20 years now.  She started taking ASL classes her freshman year of high school and continued into college.   She has been teaching at EIE Academy for 4 years now. She also taught ASL full time at Maranatha High School in Pasadena for the last 6 years. She has a 2 1/2 year old daughter (who is hearing), Emma, who starting signing at 9 months old! Emma will be welcoming a new little brother in just a few short months (early September).  Sharon had recently decided to “resign” from full time teaching at MHS so she can homeschool her children and offer ASL classes during the day at EIE. 
Due to the new baby arriving in September Sharon will be taking the fall semester of 2018 off and will offer ASL 1 and 2 in the Spring of 2019. 
Note: ASL classes are typically a year long (2 semester) course.  For the 2018-2019 school year these classes will be a 2 hour a week class, staring in the Spring, instead of the normal 1 hour a week class to compensate for the loss of time in first semester. Two semesters will be taught in one semester but the pacing will still follow students needs as to not overwhelm them. Prices will reflect this adjustment as well.  The following school year, 2019-2020, classes will return to one hour a week for fall and spring semester. 

Annette Kirkland