Field Trip Policies


1.  Everyone must pre-register and pay for field trips.
Registration can be done by the following options:

  • Go to the EIE Resource Center
  • Call our the EIE Resource Center at (626) 821-0025
  • Go to our weekly PARK DAY at Encanto Park, 777 Encanto Pkwy, Duarte
  •    A $1.00 service fee will be charged for each field trip on credit card orders.

3.  The reservation deadline is indicated in the field trip description.  Some field trips can fill up before the registration deadline.
There are never any refunds for theater events.  You may, however, sell your tickets to another family. 
5..  NO-SHOWS:  If you make a reservation and then do not attend a field trip it means that we still had to pay for your
spot, another family who wanted to come was denied the opportunity to attend and we may be “banned” from future
attendance by the provider. A “habitual field trip truant” may 
lose field trip privileges for their family.
6.  LATE-SHOWS:  Many of our field trips are very time sensitive and if you are late we will make every effort to get you in.  In some cases if you are not there when we pay for the program we may not pay for your reservation which of ourse could determine if you get in or not.  When an event is filled to capacity it can be difficult to get extra tickets.  So please, allow plenty of time for traffic when planning your trip time.

7.  Field trips are open to the entire homeschool community.  You do not have to be a member of EIE Academy to participate.

Thank you to the parents and students who participate in the field trip programs.  We especially appreciate our fellow homeschoolers who CALL us to make changes or Cancellations.  Your comments, compliments, and constructive critiques are always welcome.