Nutrition 101

Choose Life

Taught by:  Joanna Stewart

Meet the Teacher Video


8:30 – 9:30

COST: Class duration 2 Semesters ~ $150 per semester

We study the function of each system and how our food choices influence wellness. This is a 2 semester course that covers all aspects of health including anatomy, biology, nutrition and chemistry. Each week there’s opportunity to sample food as a tangible way to experience nutrients. We learn the why’s of what to eat, not just the “because I said so”.  My goal is to equip students to make the best choices for improved health and abundant living. This class satisfies the Ca state requirements for health.

Both male and female students 13 and older are encouraged to enroll.

TEXT:  Nutrition 101: Choose Life! by Growing Healthy Homes.  I have a limited number of books. This text is a
book that your family can use as a constant resource for improved health. It’s much more than a textbook.

CONTACT: Joanna Stewart at nspirehlth@gmail.com or 626-482-0139


Taught by Blythe Shippey


3:30 – 4:30


Class duration 2 Semesters 
COST:  $150 per student at the beginning of each semester 
A modern home economics class, prepping your teen for adulthood!
This class is all about equipping students with basic life skills that will help them as they transition into young adulthood. Teaching simple home and clothing repairs, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and more! All of this done in a fun and friendly environment where they get to learn How while Doing giving them hands on real life experience, and will be graded on the effort and participation they put into the class.
For High School Students between 14-18 years only. Classes are on Monday 3:30 4:30. 
Blythe Shippey can be reached by email at blythe@breedshill.org or by phone at (714) 380-7691
Meet the Teacher:
Blythe Shippey is an EIE graduate, who believes strongly in supplying the next wave of young people with the ability to be self sufficient. She’s passionate about sewing and cooking both as hobbies and as key pieces to a happy lifestyle. “I believe with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything”