A place to share your family’s ideas and activities making this a positive experience!

The purpose of this page is to provide a venue for homeschool families to share ideas and projects that are providing a more positive experience during this time confinement.


Submit your entry in the following ways:

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We would love to see as many entries as possible.  To provide a little incentive, we are offering a few prizes to families who participate.  These prizes are: 

  • First Prize:  $50.00 EIE Gift Certificate
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  • Third Prize:  $15.00 EIE Gift Certificate

For every entry from your family we will be putting a raffle ticket with your name in a bowl.  At the end of the government imposed isolation order we will pick three raffle tickets and announce the winners on this site.  The more entries, the better your chance of winning!

Families having fun and learning new skills!


Micheal Phinder enjoying the art of Quilting.  HIs mother is a very talented quilter and is passing this skill on to her son Michael.

Michael is almost finished.  Check out the size of this quilt.  A materful job!.


Brogun and John creating their own version of the GO Game.  Now on to see who is the better player.


Justice:  Following fall Woodworking classes offered through EIE that taught the basics, we picked up a used lathe for home use.  Great timing! Justice is shown here turning a plate in our new home workshop.

Valor:   Geocaching has been a great way to get outdoors and steer clear of other people while on a “treasure hunting” adventure.  It’s free, it’s fun and it’s in your neighborhood too.   Look into it at  (We have found dozens of caches, but pictured with Valor is the first one we have hidden for others!)

Having taught herself video editing skills to help her mother with online Youtube classes, Glory has manipulated the footage and created her own fun video projects like this one:


Thomas:  Putting to practice the art skills he learned from Miss Marissa’s Art Classses at EIE.  Way to go Thomas, awesome art!

Thomas and Family getting a head start on their Victory Garden.  May your labor be rewarded with an awesome crop of delicious and health vegetables.

Thomas learning about the fine art of BBQ.   Yummy!


The top favorite thing my 7-year-old son loves to do during this time of quarantine is to READ.  In the last 50 days or so, he has read over 300 library books.  He also re-read many books from our home library.  Mom checked out over 200 books from various libraries right before the close-down.  Several libraries also over pick-up during this time.  Thanks to these libraries, we don’t feel so bored.

Making noodles from scratch is another thing the family picked up.  Lots of dried noodles were wiped out on supermarket shelves, so it means it’s time to make our own noodles.  We also learned a few new dishes since not all the food items were available at the markets.

Nature Center Virtual Tour
Our yard has become a certified wildlife habitat for a few years.  My son also keeps a shelf of nature collection consisting of rocks, seed pods, feathers, shells, and dead insects.  He video recorded a few clips introducing his friends to his collection and posted it on facebook (we do not have a youtube channel).
Attached are some pictures of his collection.
We always garden as a family and even more so during this time of quarantine.  We dug up patches of grass and planted vegetables and flowers.  We loved to see the little creatures that come to our garden.  They come here to raise their families and we are happy to provide them the place to do so.
We are also eating well from our bounty.  Please see attached pictures.

My family is into puzzles.  It s a great activity to do at home.

You can make anything out of legos.  My son has spent hours upon hours playing legos while listening to audio books during this time.
He was inspired to make a game out of lego.  He made lego South America and a cursor that looks like a tree with birds.  He also made many mini lego drones assigned with different missions.
Monarch Butterfly Observation
It’s now the season for Monarch Butterfly to raise their young ones.  Several butterflies came to lay eggs in our milkweed garden few weeks ago.  Now some caterpillars came out.  Their first meals are often the eggshells.  We caught one this morning with its eggshell half eaten.  To keep them safe from predators (parasitic flies and spiders), we put them in butterfly cages.  We will see in a few weeks how big they will grow.