As a result of the Turpin child abuse case the anticipated, “we must do something to protect the children” legislative reaction has finally materialized in Sacramento.  This last minute feel good measure AB 2756 by Assembly Members Medina, Eggman, and Gonzalez Fletcher will amend the education code to require the local fire department to conduct “fire safety” inspections at homes of homeschoolers.  It is no surprise that Assemblyman Medina is the primary author of this bill since he represents the community where these atrocities occurred, he must do something to convince his constituents that he cares.

EIE will be monitoring this bill as it progresses through the system.  Not only will EIE be monitoring these events but many other PSP’s and state organizations will be coordinating efforts to challenge this bill.  All three of the major statewide homeschool advocacy organizations (CHN, CHEA, HSC) as well as Family Protection Ministries and Home School Legal Defense are cooperating to insure each family will stay informed of the ongoing events related to this freedom reducing bill.

The genesis of this action is as mentioned earlier an emotional reaction to the fact that this family went for years without being noticed thus allowing the “sick” parents to basically torture their children.  Assemblyman Medina falsely assumes that if a government organization (Fire Department) has annual inspections of homeschool homes they will prevent other abusive behaviors as this from occurring.  Now remember, this will introduce a slippery slope as to define what abusive behavior is.  While the intention of preventing child abuse is noble, the methodology of this bill will have zero effect.  Have mandatory fire inspections of schools stopped school shootings and other abusive behaviors by students and teachers?

While we have heard from some homeschoolers that they are not concerned about the concept of annual inspections by the government we would caution them that this is the first step in many incremental steps to deny parents the right to raise and educate their children.  Have we already forgotten the imposition on parental rights with the mandatory immunization bill.  Throughout history we find a multitude of governments slowly eroding the rights of the individual prior to a total take over of the population.  Each incremental step was easily accepted by the masses because it was marketed in a manner that was not an immediate threat to the individual.  Complacency is the enemy of freedom!

At this point we will be closely monitoring this development to provide you with the best information possible.  The consensus now is we watch to see how the bill proceeds through the system.  Until we suggest a course of action we highly recommend you consider joining one of the state wide organization.  Each on has their own personality and you should be able to find one that you are compatible with.

For your information the text of the bill can be found here: