As a reaction to the Turpin Family homeschool case involving the apparent imprisonment and mistreatment of their children our state legislators are considering legislation (AB 2756) that would mandate inspections of any address listed on a Private School Affidavit by the local Fire Department.  This legislation does present a possible multitude of problems ranging from imposing an unreasonable burden on the Fire Department as well as each family subjected to these inspections.  The California Homeschool Network, CHEA, and HSC have agreed that it is now time for homeschoolers to contact their assembly person.  Below is the Legislative Alert issued by CHN.  We at EIE highly recommend that you act on the alert in the next few days.


There are just two weeks left before AB2756 goes to committee. It is very important that our representatives hear from the homeschooling community.

TODAY we are asking that each of you contact both your State Senator & Assemblymember.

Send a simple email asking them to OPPOSE AB2756. That is the most important part of this contact. Let them know that you are aware of the bill and that you oppose it.

You can find your rep here:

 Each representative has a “contact me” form on their website. Be sure to mark OPPOSE and include the bill number.  If you have more questions about the bill, our statement can be found on
Thank you for your participation in preserving homeschooling in CA.

Call and email your state representatives to let them know you oppose AB 2756. Find your state Assembly Member and Senator by entering your address here: When calling or writing, mention:

  •   You are a local constituent;

  •   You are a homeschool family;

  •   You oppose AB 2756.

You could also mention:

  • Homeschooled children are not at greater risk from abuse than public school children;

  • Homes where children are homeschooling are not at greater risk from fire;

  • Fire Marshals are not trained to recognize abuse and it would also put an unsafe burden on fire departments;

  • Private homes should not be subject to government inspections without reason;

  • Homeschooling has existed in California under the private school exemption for many decades  without issue;

  • To be fair, if private homes are going to be subject to inspection, every home with a child in it should be targeted, not just homeschools, and no one would consider that reasonable or lawful.

Read what others have written about not blaming homeschooling as well as links to serious school issues on CHN’s new media page:

Stay Informed!

Follow updates on this legislation by monitoring CHN’s website and CHN’s Facebook page,

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It’s important that all homeschoolers and parents know about this threat and any others we might identify.

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