Annual High School Seminar

Presented by

Marty and Carolyn Forte

Tuesday September 4

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Confused about high school and beyond.  Are you familiar with Work Permits, transcripts, college admissions, course of study, community college concurrent enrollment and a host of other issues.  This is a  must attend seminar for all parents of high school students.  In fact, it would be a reasonable idea to bring your high school student with you.  We guarantee that you will walk away with more confidence and knowledge to traverse the high school journey.

EXPO 2018

The Homeschool Convention 

Presented by the 

California Homeschool Network

September 6 – 9

If you have not attended a homeschool convention this year, this is your last chance.  An inclusive group CHN has a great convention that is totally family centered.  One of the emphasis of this years convention is the concept of getting out of the box and incorporating play into your everyday curriculum.  Plenty of family activites not to mention it is being held at the Great Wolf Lodge.  A great family vacation option. For more information please go to http://www.californiahomeschool.net/expo/ for complete details.  Carolyn and Marty will be speaking at this convention.

What You Need 

To Know About 


Presented by:

Marty and Carolyn


September 10

6:30 – 8:30

Are you considering homeschooling, or if you are homeschooling now and still have questions. If so, we have the solution for you! Join us for our “Introduction to Homeschooling” Seminar. We will explain all aspects of homeschooling including the following questions. •What is homeschooling? •Can I do it? •What are the legal options in California?  •How do I take my child out of school? •What are Learning Styles? •How do I choose a curriculum? •How do I find a support group or other help? •Do Homeschoolers go to college? •What about a child with Special Needs? These questions and many more will be answered by veteran homeschool leaders, Martin and Carolyn Forte, founders of Excellence in Education in Monrovia. This is a great seminar for grandparents, friends or any one interested in homeschooling.  Also a great refresher course for seasoned homeschoolers.

Park Day


September 13

12:00 – ?

This is the first park day of the school year.  Start your year at the park with your children having a great time.  Also a good time to spend time with your park day friends.

Family Game Night


Strategy Games


September 24

6:30 – 8:30

A continuation of our very popular Summer Family Game Nights.  During the regular school year we will do this once a month unless we get requests to do it more often (maybe twice a month).  Each game night will have an academic theme.  A wonderful way to try out games that can be of great benefit to your homeschool.  Check out our other site:  www.gamecurriculum.com