The Arts 2019-20

Art History

Taught by:

Cynthia Rodriguez


9:30 – 10:30

Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds!

  • $270.00 per semester (Two 14 week semesters)
    $320.00 per semester for Charters (Through Home School Coaches)
This is a one year course that introduces the student to world history through the ancient art of major world cultures. We start with the famous French cave drawings and walk through the timeline to include Egyptian art, Roman art, Greek art and culture, Medieval art, Christian art, Renaissance art and famous painters of the 19th and 20th century.
Each week we will discuss
The social, political and artistic events of the major eras in world history. The lessons include: lecture time, one or two videos, and a short drawing lesson on the art being discussed that day. Included is a sample reproduction of a sculpture, coins, or painting of that time era, and a sample of cultural food groups to expose the student to a hands-on experience only found in museums or by visiting the ancient sites. The class is for 8th through 12th grade.
Please contact Cynthia Rodriguez for more info or to register at:

Music History 

An Alternative or Enhancement to World History


2:30 – 3:30

Semester 1: 

September 20 – February 21  (No class Nov.28, Dec.27, Jan.3)

Semester 2: 

February 28 – May 29  (No class April 10, 17, May 8)

Suitable for grades 7-12

COST:  $120 per semester  (sibling discount available)

 Music always reflects the current culture and what will become history.  This study of the great composers in Western Civilization will follow the development of Western music from the 17th to the 20thcentury through reading short chapter biographies of prominent composers and listening to their music.  The class will focus on listening and discussion.  Students will create a notebook style timeline as they learn how composers influenced and were influenced by historical events.  Students will be required to attend at least one major musical event each semester.  EIE will offer several field trips, which may be used to satisfy this requirement and will announce other free or inexpensive events in our area.

Required text:  The Gift of Music  by Jane Stuart Smith and Betty Carlson  ISBN 9780891078692  (Available at EIE Bookstore)

Note:  Since it is impossible to teach Western Classical Music without Christian content, charter funds are not accepted for this class.


Contact:  Carolyn at EIE  (626) 821-0025


Crafts for Kids


11:00 am- 12:00pm 

Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds!

AGES:  6 – 10

In this class students will create crafts designed to introduce the 5 subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through a hands on discovery of learning while creating fun and interesting take home projects. Perfect for ages 7-10. Our classes are age appropriate and meant to develop the reasoning skills of the student.  The classes are in *8 week cycles in order to cover each subject. Register for one or for all classes. 

First 8 week session -Science

SEPT. 6TH – 27TH 2019        4 Classes

OCT.  4TH – 25TH                 4 Classes

 Second 7 week session -Technology

*Shorter session due to Holiday Break. (*Discount applied)

NOV. 1ST – 22nd 2019    4 Classes

DEC.  6TH  -20TH           3 Classes

Third 8 week session – Engineering

JAN. 10th – 31 2020         4 Classes

FEB. 7th -28th                 4 Classes

 Fourth 8 week session – Math/Geometry

 MAR. 6th – 27th 2020      4 Classes

APRIL 3rd -24th              4 Classes

Dates subject to change due to Spring Break

Fifth 4 week session – Art

MAY  1st – 29th 2020       4 Classes

(Fifth session will be discounted))


$120.00 per session.  plus $40.00 materials fee per session, First Semester. (Discount applied for 2nd session)

$136.00 per session plus $40.00 materials fee per session, Second Semester.

 (May tuition will be discounted at $68.00 plus $20.00 materials fee for 4 week session.) 

Art Classes

TAUGHT BY:    Marisa Rodriguez is a homeschooled EIE Academy graduate who also attending  Pasadena City College to earn her Fine Arts degree.  Marissa and her mother Cynthia provide a very open and relaxing environment for learning the fine skills of art.  Each student works on their own special projects with Marissa and Cynthia providing helpful tips to the soothing influence of classical music.

Beginning Drawing

Taught by:

Marisa Rodriguez



12:30 – 1:30

Classes Start September 6, 2019


Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds!

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:
COST:  $260.00 non-charter per semester

$310.00 per semester charter

Payment due no later than the first day of the semester.


In this class, students will learn  basic drawing and structure. Students will be taught different art techniques to create pencil sketches from both their imaginations, and from simple pictures. Each week, students will be taught how to use special tools such as different grades of pencils, colored pencil, cloth to blend, erasers, charcoal to create gradation from light to dark, perspective, and many more techniques used by artists today. The teacher will also cover the fundamentals of the color wheel and how it can be applied to the different mediums of art.  Students will also learn about famous artists such as: Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and many more.

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:

Intermediate Drawing and Painting


2:00 – 3:00

Classes Start September 6


Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds!


COST:  $260.00 non-charter per semester

$310.00 per semester charter

Payment due no later than the first day of the semester.

In this class, students will continue their drawing lessons with the teacher and slowly move into using watercolors and acrylic paint in the second semester. Students will learn how to mix primary colors to create custom paint for their acrylic art projects. Watercolor techniques will be taught using a high grade professional watercolor paper, suitable for framing. In addition, various tools will be used; training the student in a mixture of mediums, from colored pencil to charcoal, grades of pencils, cloth to blend, fine black pens for pen drawing, watercolor and acrylic paint (second semester). 10 students max.

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:

Advanced Drawing and Painting


3:00 – 4:00

Classes Start September 6

Accepting new students all year.

Class fees are due no later than the 1st week of the semester. No refunds or make ups can be given for missed classes.

We do not accept charter funds!


$350.00 per semster for non-charter families.

$400.00 per semester charter families.

Payment due no later than the first day of the semester.

This class is for advanced drawing and painting students only. In this class students will work on individual art projects with the guided help of the teacher. Each student will bring in a picture of their choosing and will work with an 8X11 hard board high grade canvas to create their own acrylic rendering. One oil painting project on canvas in the second semester.  Prior experience is required for this class.  Each student will have time with the teacher to create a one on one experience for the student. Limited spots available.

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:


Taught by:

Janna Christian


1:00 – 2:00

Cost: $250 per semester

 Age: 7th-12th grade


  “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

—Dorothea Lange

In this class, I will introduce basic digital photographic methods and processes. This will include (but is not limited to):

  • Learning how to operate basic digital SLR camera functions to create well-exposed pictures (learning to understand and correctly use camera functions like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance).
  • Becoming more attentive to light (learning how to notice light color and intensity; recognizing how light changes throughout the day and when shooting indoors vs. outdoors or with natural vs. artificial light; shooting in different lighting situations; and editing photos to balance or correct poor lighting situations).
  • Learning how to compose a scene to create balanced, aesthetically pleasing, interesting images (learning basic elements of design such as color, line, texture, balance, proportion, emphasis, similarity and contrast and how to use them when composing photographs).
  • Learning basic post-processing techniques (learning basic editing functions in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop and how to sort/organize images).

 Required supplies:

  • DSLR camera (If you don’t have one, a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone can work. Ideally though, you’d want to have a camera that allows you to adjust settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. If you happen to have a film SLR, that can work too!)
  • Flash drive or external hard drive (at least 32GB)
  • A smartphone or tablet on which you can install the Lightroom photo editing app and that you can use in class to edit photos. The Lightroom app is free to install, and most basic editing functions are free. Complete access to all functions is $4.99/month, but is not required for this class. If you’re going to spend money on editing software though, I would definitely recommend purchasing the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom instead of the phone version. The program is a subscription and is $9.99/month (see more info here:
  • If you already have a computer and access to Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop, that would be ideal—please bring that instead! If you decide to enroll in this class, don’t worry about purchasing any programs right away! We won’t get to photo editing till about 2/3 of the way through the course.




or Contact EIE at 626-821-0025


Kids and Teens On-Camera Acting Class

Taught by:

Casting Director and Set Coach

Chris Gillmore and Leo Gilmore

Watch the interview with Chris about her class.


August 12
August 19  (Plus Premiere Night)
September 16
September 23
October 7
October 14
November 4
November 18
December 2
December 9  (special event)
Our acting class times:
  • 12:00 PM-2:00 PM
    • Little Stars  (4 to 9)
  • 2:05 PM -4:05 PM
    • Beginners  (9 thru teen)
  • 4:10 PM -6:10 PM 
    • Intermediate to Advanced


  • Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • California Enrichment Academy
  • Excel Academy
  • Golden Valley
  • Gorman
  • iLead
  • Inspire
  • Sage Oak
  • Sky Mountain


  • $125 per month private funds
  • $150 with charter funds made out to Home School Coaches 

So…Whatever you’re thinking an acting class for kids and teens is, you will be happily surprised!  This acting class, taught by professional casting director and set coach of over 15,000 kids and teens, Chris Gilmore.  It is much more than just a class where students learn how to act professionally on camera for movies, television and commercials.

The added benefits of this incredible series of classes are:  It builds the student’s self esteem and self image.  It teaches discipline and focus as well as teaching students to use their creativity and imagination.  It empowers the students to be able to speak in front of a group with great confidence and improves memorization, improvisation and even helps develop a sense of humor.

From start to finish all students will learn the art of comedy, drama, two-party scene study, cold-reading, monologue technique, comedy improvisation as applied to on-camera film and television performances as well as commercial techniques.  Every month is a different acting theme.  This course is the Real Thing, and if acting professionally is the goal, students will receive all the skills necessary to pursue a professional acting career while having fun learning them.


  • This class is designed for the younger 5 – 9 year old children.
  • Primary goal is to discover the child’s talent and introduce the concepts of creatity and imagination.
  • Introduce child to cold reading skills and improve vocabulary to build communication skills.
  • Improvisation to develope their on the spot problem solving and communication confidence.
  • Teach discipline and focus.
  • Works on a goal and reward system allowing the child to experience an instant gratification experience.
  • Ideal class to work on communication skills including eye contact and body language.



This class is highly suggested for kids 9 years old through 18.

  • Assorted acting skills including comedy improv, method acting, on camera scene study, and much more.
  • A  class which encourages the student to ask questions and learn the techniques of acting from the beginning steps on.
  • A strong focus on building the student’s confidence in themselves and in letting go the fear of performing in front of others
  • In this class, the teacher also evaluates the student’s learning style, confidence level, emotional needs, and develops a teaching plan for each individual student
  • Great class for a trained actor who has developed bad acting habits and needs to relearn the skills from a new perspective. (such as a theatre-trained actor who needs to learn how to tone-down “theatre acting” and approach acting from a more organic and internal level.


This class is highly suggested for teens

  • A faster paced class where students are challenged to utilize their acting skills to the max, as they learn new and more advanced skills
  • Many acting challenges are given which builds even more confidence
  • Great class for trained actors who are looking to continue growing in the art of on camera acting and seriously considering a professional acting career.

THE ADDED BONUS:  At the end of every month, all parents will receive an on-line video of the students’ performances in class so you can watch their progress. (upon request)


Once Upon a Time Dance Class

Taught by:

Annette Kirkland


9:30am to 10:15am  


  • $98 for a four week session
  • $112.50 for charter students

We believe in a nurturing, creative dance education for children, teens and young adults. We bring a warm and inviting approach to all our classes; where students are encouraged to express their imaginations while building balance, flexibility and coordination skills. We practice storytelling through the movement of dance. All classes are enriched with dance etiquette, the development of self-confidence and the discovery and reward of self-achievement. Our dance program is designed to be modified according to individual needs. All classes develop muscle tone, strengthens core, aids in the development of cognitive skills, relieves stress, anxiety and fosters the human connection. The dance class at, EIE Home School Academy, is a dance combination class. Dance styles and techniques are fused together with Jazz, Hip-hop, K-pop, Tap, Broadway, Ballet and Contemporary. This class prepares the student to perform on stage an entertaining dance piece. We are serving children, teens and young adults with developmental or physical disabilities and special needs. Our dance program is all inclusive and open to ALL abilities.

Additional dance classes & schedule at the Monterey Park dance studio located at:

  • 111 N. Atlantic Blvd. #114
  • Monterey Park, Ca. 91754


Annette Kirkland by:

Call or Text at 310-560-2728

Email mailto:

*Funding available for dance classes at