2018 Summer Classes at EIE




Taught by Chris and Gene Gilmore

Assisted by Leo Gilmore


June 5, 12,

July 10, 17,

Aug. 7, 14

1:00 – 5:00

Loads of Fun!

Lots of Learning!

During the summer months of June, July and August, our usual acting classes will be replaced with our Summer Fun Acting Camp!

These classes are full of summer fun for our young actors.

They include:

  • Comedy Improvisation Exercises and Projects
  • Analyzing with a director’s eye, great movies and TV shows and then acting out the very scenes in them.
  • Writing, producing, and acting in the kids’ own productions which will be presented to their parents.
  • And more!

Taught by successful casting director and producer Chris Gilmore. And Producer/Director, Gene Gilmore

Chris and Gene have successfully coached over 19,000 kids, teens and adults!  The values these classes will bring to your kids are self-esteem, confidence, performance elements of comedy, behind the camera mechanics of production; besides teaching them how to act for on-camera.

Where:  on the E.I.E. (Excellence in Education) Campus

2640 South Myrtle, suite A-7; Monrovia

Price: $375 for the full summer camp – billed at $125 per month


Taught by:

Coach Jeff


June 20 – July 18


July 18 – August 8

Be sure to keep your chess skills up during the summer.  Join Coach Jeff as he presents two summer chess camps.  All grades welcome!

TUITION:  $75.00 for two weeks or $129.00 for both camps.  This is a mommy and me price.

CONTACT:  Coach Jeff at (626) 232-5466


Storytelling workshop!

Taught by:

Sharon Chung


 Tuesday June 5th


Wednesday June 6th

11:00 am – 12:30 pm.

NOTE: No prior knowledge of ASL is needed!!

ABOUT THE TEACHER: I have been signing for about 20 years now.  I started ASL classes my freshman year of high school and continued into college.  I also currently teach ASL full time at Maranatha High School in Pasadena. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In this workshop will be learning to sign a popular ASL story “Timber” about a lumberjack who encounters a problem with a tree that just won’t fall down! 

COST: $45 per student. (Family and “bring a friend” discounts available- second student gets a $5 discount!)

MATERIALS: All materials provided and included in cost. 

CONTACT: SChung77@yahoo.com or text (626)252-7273


Taught by

Jeff kreiger


10;30 – 12:30


1:00 – 3:00

TARGET GROUP: 12 and older
COST:   $25.00 per class, $40.00 for Mommy and Me! Plus material fees
CONTACT:  EiE  (626) 821-0025

Learn the real “Tricks of the Trade” with woodworking.  This course is designed for the young person (and parents) to become familiar with the wonderful world of wood.  You will first of all be introduced to all the concepts of safety and how to use hand tools as well as power tools.  The student will understand the differences of various woods and will start out with simple projects and evolve into designing your own projects.  The instructor is a seasoned professional as well as a former teacher teaching woodworking classes to students and adults.  He is very motivated to provide your child a great experience.  The class is held at his cabinet making business just two doors down from EIE.