Math is Not a Problem

Presented by:

Author and Educational Specialist

Mr. Richard Garcia


September 23, 2017

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Reservations Required.  Email or Phone EIE.

This is a must Seminar if your student struggles with math!  

Author and Education Specialist, Richard Garcia brings his knowledge and expertise to help kids love and understand math.  Mr. Garcia is an expert in helping students solve simple to complex math problems with ease all while learning math facts!

Topics Include
What is basic math?

Why do students struggle with math?

Helping kids understand and do Addition.

Helping kids see, do and understand Subtraction.

Teaching place value

Making Multiplication possible and applicable

Getting kids to understand and love Division

Helping kids with Fractions

What are Fractions?

What are the two dimentions of fractions no one talks about

$75.00 per person cost includes lunch!

EIE Seminar

The Importance of Learning Styles

Thursday, September 14

7:00-9:00 pm

Explore the various learning styles and how they really affect your child’s ability to master subject matter. We will investigate the five essential aspects of learning styles including dispositions, talents, modalities, interests and environment. Based on the research and teachings of the Learning Success Institute of Ventura, CA and the book How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Styles by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Hodson, this workshop will give you tools to enhance both learning and retention for all your children. With a deeper understanding of your child’s unique, God-given learning style, you can have a more successful teaching experience and save hundreds of dollars on unworkable curriculum choices.  COST:  $5.00 per person.

Email your intentions to eiefieldtrips@gmail.com

EIE Special Event



September 25

2:00 PM

The miraculous story of Paul the Apostle in stunning graphic novel style is an amazing testimony! Meet the creator Mario Dematteo at EIE.  This will be a wonderful opportunity, especially for children who love to write and lovers of graphic novels.

This is an opportunity to meet a person, Mario Dematteo, who overcame a tremendous negative experience and turned it into a wonderful fulfilled life with purpose.  Mario is a phenomenal positive example of identifying a talent and interest and converting it into a passion with purpose.

EIE Seminar

Geography Is Everything


October 17

7:00 – 9:00 PM

The true study of Geography is a wonderful all encompassing investigation into all aspects of a city, state, country or continent.  Learn how the studies of math, geology, science, art, literature and other topics can be utilized in the exciting study of Geegraphy.

COST:  $5.00 per person.

Make Your Own Website

{Without Code}

Presented by:

Noah Witt


October 19 & 26

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Instructor: Noah Witt

Noah Robert Witt is a web designer, illustrator, graphic designer, videographer, and teacher. He has illustrated, published, and marketed a widely distributed book. Noah has made several websites and serves in the media department at his church. He is a Meritorious Award recipient. When not studying or working, he enjoys his Bible study, the outdoors, reading, and listening to Christian music.

Ages: 11 and up.

Want to sell something online? Have a story to tell the world? Want a website to post photos and impress your friends? Have an interest or product you want to share with others? Whatever the reason, by the end of this two session class, your free, modern, customized website will be up and running! In this class you will

  • Pick a website provider
  • Choose a domain
  • Create your website’s “look”
  • Use website themes
  • Incorporate content
  • Understand plugins
  • Learn how to sell your products
  • And more!

Materials Needed: Laptop (ideal) or a tablet with Wi-Fi access

Cost: $40.00 per student (adult accompanying student is free)

Sign up now!

Email Noah Witt • noahrwitt@gmail.com

EIE Seminar

Teaching With Games

An introduction to the 

Game Curriculum


November 17

7:00 – 9:00 PM

“Do you realize that it takes only 10-20 repetitions through play instead of 400  repetitions normally to create a new synapse in the brain.”  Come discover the wonderful world of playing board games and physical activities to supplement your teaching of all subjects. We break down the use of games not only by age and subject, but pay attention to learning styles to maximize the efficiency of games. The use of games and activities with special needs students will also be covered.

This is the ideal time for this seminar since we will be offering 25% off all new games purchased that evening allowing you to get a head start on the Christmas buying season and be able to give gifts with lasting value.

Cost:  $5.00 per person.

EIE Seminar

Dads and Grandparents


January 16

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Join us for this round table style of seminar where audience interaction will be highly encouraged.  If your husband or the grandparents have questions or concerns this will be seminar of the year for them.  We will be able to answer any question and at the same time encourage all participants.  The dads will leave with a sense of confidence and being part of the team and the grandparents will learn how they can become part of the successful family homeschool experience.  We will love them through the whole process.