Fine Arts

Opera, The Class

Taught by:

Carolyn Forte


4:15 – 5:15

TARGET GRADES:  For grades 6-12.
(Please note that many operas contain adult content.)

This year, our trips to L.A. Opera will be part of a class in which we will study the operas  presented during the 2015-16 season.  We will have guest speakers from L.A. Opera to give us deeper insights and will attend as many of the operas (including the Career Connection lectures) as we are able to obtain tickets for.  Students will be able to take parents (as chaperones) to the operas.  Consistent class attendance will be required in order to get opera tickets.  Chaperones will need to attend one chaperone meeting prior to their first opera.  Chaperones are also welcome and encouraged to attend the class itself. This class will count as one year high school credit for Music Appreciation, Music History or World Cultures: European (your choice).

Kids and Teens On-Camera Acting Class

Taught by:

Casting Director and Set Coach Chris Gillmore



1:00 – 4:45 PM

EIE Campus in Monrovia



1:00 – 4:45 PM

Burbank Campus


  • Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • California Enrichment Academy
  • Excel Academy
  • Golden Valley
  • Gorman
  • iLead
  • Inspire
  • Sage Oak
  • Sky Mountain

COST:  $85.00 per month plus $40.00 material fee.  ($125.00 monthly total)

So…Whatever you’re thinking an acting class for kids and teens is, you will be happily surprised!  This acting class, taught by professional casting director and set coach of over 15,000 kids and teens, Chris Gilmore.  It is much more than just a class where students learn how to act professionally on camera for movies, television and commercials.

The added benefits of this incredible series of classes are:  It builds the student’s self esteem and self image.  It teaches discipline and focus as well as teaching students to use their creativity and imagination.  It empowers the students to be able to speak in front of a group with great confidence and improves memorization, improvisation and even helps develop a sense of humor.

From start to finish all students will learn the art of comedy, drama, two-party scene study, cold-reading, monologue technique, comedy improvisation as applied to on-camera film and television performances as well as commercial techniques.  Every month is a different acting theme.  This course is the Real Thing, and if acting professionally is the goal, students will receive all the skills necessary to pursue a professional acting career while having fun learning them.

THE ADDED BONUS:  At the end of every month, all parents will receive an on-line video of the students’ performances in class so you can watch their progress. (upon request)

CONTACT:  Chris Gilmore  (661) 600-7372

Art Classes

TAUGHT BY:    Marisa Rodriguez is a homeschooled high school senior student with EIE Academy who also attended  California State University at Fullerton studying advanced Drawing and Painting. She is currently studying at Pasadena City College to earn her Fine Arts degree.

Beginning Drawing

Taught by:

Marissa Rodriguez


12:00 – 1:00

CONTACT:  (626) 242-7410 Cynthia Rodriquez     or email:
COST:  $50.00 per month

In this class, students will learn  basic drawing and structure. Students will be taught different art techniques to create pencil sketches from both their imaginations, and from simple pictures. Each week, students will be taught how to use special tools such as different grades of pencils, colored pencil, cloth to blend, erasers, charcoal to create gradation from light to dark, perspective, and many more techniques used by artists today. The teacher will also cover the fundamentals of the color wheel and how it can be applied to the different mediums of art.  Students will also learn about famous artists such as: Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and many more.

Intermediate Drawing and Painting

Taught by:

Marissa Rodriguez


1:00 – 2:00

COST:  $55.00 per month

In this class, students will continue their drawing lessons with the teacher and slowly move into using watercolors and acrylic paint in the second semester. Students will learn how to mix primary colors to create custom paint for their acrylic art projects. Watercolor techniques will be taught using a high grade professional watercolor paper, suitable for framing. In addition, various tools will be used; training the student in a mixture of mediums, from colored pencil to charcoal, grades of pencils, cloth to blend, fine black pens for pen drawing, watercolor and acrylic paint (second semester). 10 students max.

Advanced Drawing and Painting

Taught by:

Marissa Rodriguez


2:30 – 3:30

COST:  $55.00 per month

This class is for advanced drawing and painting students only. In this class students will work on individual art projects with the guided help of the teacher. Each student will bring in a picture of their choosing and will work with an 8X11 hard board high grade canvas to create their own acrylic rendering. One oil painting project on canvas in the second semester.  Prior experience is required for this class.  Each student will have time with the teacher to create a one on one experience for the student. Limited spots available.

Other Classes

Scale Model Making

Taught by:

Robert Stuart

Video Introduction:

Video overview of Scale Model Making Class


8:30 – 11:30

COST:  $60.00 – $70.00 per month plus $50.00 material fee.

OK, we know that your are thinking that this is a class for making model cars, planes or boats from plastic kits.  Well, guess what, you are wrong!  This is a real modeling class that will teach the student how to create (conceptualize) from basic building blocks to fantastic creations of three dimensional items, much like an architect would build to present his ideas to a client.  Through the use of basic mathematics, a ruler, matt board, scale woods, plastics glue and other building materials you will create model buildings or other objects using the blue prints and woriking in 1/4″ scale.  The student will learn how t take a vision (concept) and convert it to a fantastic three dimensional object.  This will be a great class!!  Parents are encouraged to attend at not additional cost to observe and participate in the class.

CONTACT:  Robert Stuard  (626) 815-1426.


Taught by:

Jeff Kreiger


10:45 – 12:15



TARGET GROUP: 12 and older
COST:   $60.00 PER MONTH, $80.00 for Mommy and Me! Plus material fee’s
CONTACT:  EiE  (626) 821-0025

Learn the real “Tricks of the Trade” with woodworking.  This course is designed for the young person (and parents) to become familiar with the wonderful world of wood.  You will first of all be introduced to all the concepts of safety and how to use hand tools as well as power tools.  The student will understand the differences of various woods and will start out with simple projects and evolve into designing your own projects.  The instructor is a seasoned professional as well as a former teacher teaching woodworking classes to students and adults.  He is very motivated to provide your child a great experience.  The class is held at his cabinet making business just two doors down from EIE.


Acoustic Guitar 1

Taught by:

Lilli Witczak

Class begins

January 9, 2017


12:45 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.



Vendor with the following Charter Schools:

  • Gorman Learning Center
  • Sage Oaks
  • Excel Academy
  • Sky Mountain
  • Golden Valley

Beginners level guitar class. Students will learn how to tune the guitar, the basics of reading music, notes on all six strings, some chords, scales and songs. And More!

COST:   $200 for January 9 through May 22. That comes to a little over $10 per week.


COURSE DURATION: January 9, 2017 through May 22, 2017.

TEXT BOOK REQUIRED: Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method, Volume 1 with CD. ISBN 978-0-7390-4794-1

Must bring your own guitar to class.

CONTACT: Lilli Witczak (626)232-7932 or email:

PRIVATE LESSONS  AVAILABLE:  If you are interested, Lilli will arrange private lessons for your child to learn the guitar.