We are excited to provide you with our 2017-18 EIE Class schedule for your review.  Please check back frequently to view our constant updates including new classes and updated information.

Excellence In Education has been the leader in providing classes to the homeschool community for over 20 years.  Over time we have developed an educational philosophy that encourages not only academic excellence but also the opportunity to explore. The importance of exploration has been the genesis of our 40/60 rule which basically encourages a student to spend about 40% on academics and 60% on exploration.

Our class selections represent a wide variety that will satisfy both academic and exploratory topics.  Take a little time to explore the possibilities for your family.  It is very important to understand the EIE Classes are available to everyone in the homeschool community. You do not have to belong to our academy to participate in any of our classes or other activities found on this website.

In respect to registering for a class you will always contact the individual teacher as well as pay any fee’s directly to the individual teacher. Contact information will be listed with each class.  Now it is in your hands, find a class and enjoy.  All of our classes are listed by catagory below.

This is an ongoing process at this point.  Be sure to come back frequently for the updates!






Language Arts


Fine Arts

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Print following Tables