Miss Lilli’s Latin

Why learn Latin?

Much of our English language is derived from Latin. By learning Latin, a student will understand the definition of English words, even words they’ve never heard or seen before. Students will be able to speak and write better, because the breadth of words available will be greater and their nuance better understood.

Take for example the word “tenure.” As in, “The assistant reached the end of his tenure for the position.” Okay, not an exciting sentence. Tenure is from the Latin, tenere, which means to hold. Now that is a little more interesting. The assistant’s hold has ended. How about tenant? A tenant temporarily holds a piece of property, such as an apartment. What about tentative? That is derived from a different Latin word.

Latin students have a better grasp of English grammar and will be better prepared for standardized testing (see Susan Bauer’s Well-Trained Mind).
Of all the Latin programs I’ve evaluated, First Form by Memoria Press’ wins my vote for favorite, hands down. Each year students learn one fourth of the Latin grammar. Even though, it takes four years to complete all of the Memoria Press’ Latin, do not feel that you student is required to make a four-year commitment. Any amount of Latin is beneficial. The students, who push on to take more than one year, want to take more Latin. They enjoy it!

In Latin 1, students start with learning one grammar concept and ten vocabulary words each week. The level of difficulty increases over the years. When my son attended BIOLA University, the school accepted Latin as his foreign language, so he wasn’t required to take an additional foreign language.  Students in Latin 1 are required to take the National Latin Exam. The test is brief, satisfying, and can be listed on a student’s transcripts (or equivalent, depending on your record keeping system).


Junior High to High School level Latin class. Memoria Press, First Form’s publisher, states that completion of the material in this book fulfills the requirements for one year of high school credit. Included in the textbook portion of the class, students will learn to recognize English derivatives of Latin words which will help them to increase their understanding of English. Latin students will have a better grasp of English grammar and will be better prepared for standardized testing (see Susan Bauer’s Well Trained Mind).

COST: $185.00 per semester ($210 if a charter student) plus books, etc.  Plus a one time non-refundable registration fee of $25, which is waived for students whose paid tuition and registration are postmarked before August 1.

Course duration: 1 year.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Students are expected to bring the following to class on the first day.

From Memoria Press:   

  • First Form Student Text
  • First Form Student Workbook
  • First Form Workbook Key (not the one that contains quiz and test keys)
  • First Form Quizzes and Tests
  • First Form Pronunciation CD (optional)
  • First Form Flashcards (optional)

Please purchase Memoria Press items from Excellence in Education (EIE).

From Cambridge University Press:         Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1.

ISBN: 978-0-521-00434-3

Please note that Miss Lilli is also available for private instruction for students interested in studying Second, Third, and Fourth Form Latin

CONTACT: Lilli Witczak (626)355-5642 or email: lilli.witczak@gmail.com